Home WOVEN WAYS is a documentary film that shares the stories of the Navajo people, the land and livestock that sustain their culture and economy, and the environmental issues that threaten the living bonds between them.

Deadly uranium mining and dirty coal have serious negative effects on the health, culture, and well-being of all who live on the Navajo Reservation.

WOVEN WAYS is the story of beauty and hope in the face of grave environmental injustices.

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"Woven Ways is a tragic tale of uranium mining and its impact on native peoples that goes far beyond the injustices that define the nuclear industry.  It shows how people can fight back with dignity, grace and power -- a message of hope in the hardest of places, and of grassroots power in the hardest of times."

-  Bonnie Raitt

Best Documentary
2008 Rainier Film Festival

Katherine Knight Award
2008 Earthvision International Environmental Film Festival

Best in Fest
2008 Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival

Best in Fest
2008 Colorado Environmental Film Festival

Director's Choice Award
2008 Southern Winds
Film Festival

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