Producer/Director, Linda Helm Krapf - Linda has been creating something from nothing for the past 25 years. For this project she draws on her skills having served for over a decade as the Founding Executive Director of the Myhelan Cultural Arts Center, an award-winning nonprofit organization with an important and sensitive mission, and from her experiences working in overseas development for N.G.O.s and U.N. agencies, to bring renewable energy technologies to rural villages around the world. In whatever she has endeavored to do, Linda has demonstrated the ability to manage the large and small details of complex projects and to invite the involvement of diverse groups of people for a common cause. She graduated with high honors from Cook College, Rutgers University with a B.S. in International Environmental Studies.

Co-Producers & Editors, Joseph LaMorte and Gloria LaMorte - This professional husband and wife team began their filmmaking career in 1999 for the production of Gloria’s first original short film "Details." Joseph was the executive producer and Gloria was the writer, co-producer and lead actress on this ambitious project that was acquired by HBO in 2000 after receiving several awards at national film festivals.

As editors, recent works include "Autumn’s Eyes" directed by Paola Mendoza and Gabriel Noble. This feature documentary is seen from the perspective of a beautiful three-year old girl as she navigates through the harsh reality of severe poverty, her teenage mother’s incarceration, and looming foster care. The film premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival in 2006 and is currently at film festivals in the US and abroad. In 2005 they edited a short film shot by first-time filmmaker Barbara Alvares. Titled "Love and Laundry," this heartwarming love story spans over six decades under the hot Cuban sun and premiered at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival. Most recently they completed "Casa Finca" (Country Home). Shot in Colombia in 2004 by Joseph La Morte, this short documentary welcomes us into the home of Señora Maria Elena, who proudly proclaims that the authorities no longer chase her out of her make-shift home, a highway underpass, but instead commend her for her home’s tidiness. "Casa Finca" will premiere in film festivals in 2007.

In 2001, the team produced Alfredo De Villa’s "Washington Heights" (Joseph as executive producer and Gloria as co-producer). This groundbreaking feature premiered at the first TriBeCa Film Festival in 2002, where it received an honorable mention. It also won the Audience Award at the IFP-LA Film Festival. After a successful festival run, the film it had its theatrical release in 2002 (MAC Releasing).

.Director of Photography, Sam Goodman - Sam is a freelance TV News photographer and videographer who currently works for KSTU-Fox 13 News in Salt Lake City, Utah. Sam has also served as videographer, field producer, script writer, and non-linear editor for various projects, including the films, "Navajo Healthcare in the New Millennium," "Rezrobics," and "First Indian Health." Sam is also a graphic designer and created TV graphic elements for television broadcasts of the Salt Lake 2002 XIX Winter Olympics. After beginning his academic career at Arizona State University, Sam transferred to the University of Utah where he received a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications. He currently lives and works in Salt Lake City.

Sound Recordist, Saul Rodgar - Saul is a Mexican-American filmmaker, artist, and musician with professional experiences as cameraperson, editor, sound recordist, and short-film director. He has worked on five Native American film projects, including public service programs and a film for Japanese TV on the ways of the Zuni people. Saul lives and creates in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Scott Eggert, Film Score - Scott has been a professional musician, performing, teaching, composing and recording for over 20 years. He is an accomplished vocalist, keyboardist, bassist and percussionist. Scott's experience with Native American music is extensive, having lived as part of a Cherokee spiritual community for five years. He occasionally performs with the Native American powwow music ensemble, the Red Heart Singers. Scott currently divides his time between serving as Music Director for Circle of Stones Ritual Theatre Ensemble and Unity Church of Lehigh Valley, and working for DeSales University's Dance Department. He also performs with the band Nite-Time of NYC. Scott lives in Emmaus, Pennsylvania with his wife and daughter. Woven Ways is his first feature-length film score. (www.scotteggert.net)

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